Barrier Casings
AMITEX Express
7-layer barrier sausage casing with a glossy surface.
A series of 7-layer sausage casings

Combination of 7 layers made of polymers featuring different properties makes it possible to extrude a casing not only with high barrier properties but also create different textures on its surface.
A casing for retort products requiring extended shelf life (both sterilized and pasteurized).
A casing with a decorated structure of the surface achieved by changing a texture in the casing's external layer.

the AMITEX seven-layer sausage casing. This casing is supplied in several specialized types differing in the appearance, and designed for production of various types of sausages.
A single-layer barrier casing for processing of all types of hot-dogs, frankfurters, small sausages and mini sausages.
casings are supplied with a textile cord or a plastic tape attached to the casing surface. This gives possibility to produce – on automatic equipment – a large variety of boiled sausages looking exclusively original.

Amitex Sonet production technology is the unique Atlantis-Pak know-how, having no analogues in the world. The production technology is constantly improved. New types of Sonet casings appear, and the production capacity increases.
A series of 5-layer barrier casings.
A casing with a rough surface imitating the surface of fibrous casings. Used for production of all type of cooked sausages, hams, liver sausages and pates not requiring smoking. Supplied straight or ring-shaped.