Edible Collagen Casing
Collagen casings are mainly produced from natural protein in beef or pig hides, and the bones and tendons. to produce quality casings that are significantly more cost effective to use for manufacturing sausages than gut casings and, increasingly, preferred by consumers.They have been made for more than 50 years and their share of the market has been increasing.  the cost to produce sausages in collagen is significantly lower than making sausages in gut because of higher production speeds and lower labor requirements. Collagen casings are permeable to smoke and moisture, are less expensive to use, give better weight and size control, and are easier to run when compared to natural casings.
Collagen casings are of two kinds: small calibre (e.g. fresh sausages, Bratwurst etc.) and large calibre (e.g. salami, Bierwurst etc.). The key difference lies in the thickness of the casing wall and the way the collagen is processed to withstand a given degree of stress when filled and holding in the weight of the meat.

Benefits of Collagen Casings

  •  Traceability/Safety 

When using collagen casings, there is no need to worry about these issues.  Collagen casings are made from safe materials and the collagen extraction methods used make the casings totally free from all health risks

  • Consistency     

consistency in product quality, together with effective size and length control, means that the same specification of sausage is produced every time 

  • Superior Productivity

Edible collagen casings provide a superior yield based on ready-to-stuff materials, longer shirred lengths and high speed stuffing capabilities.  Rework is minimised via consistent strand length and size control.

  • Appearance 

consumers prefer the overall appearance of the sausage due to the consistency of the casing and the result is faster selling sausage products 

  • Supply reliability

with reliable sources of collagen, and with manufacturing facilities on three continents, devro can assure customers of sustainable supply 

  • PricIng Stability

collagen casings are not subject to the same commodity pricing fluctuation as gut casing and stable pricing allows customers to budget, plan and cost their products effectively 

  • Easy Storage 

the stability of collagen allows simple and effective packaging for easy storage and use