Fibrous Casing
Fibrous casing is a cellulose based casing strengthened with the natural long-fibred with hemp fibre, which combines exceptionally high tensile strength with consistent extrusion properties in a form that renders it ideally reinforcement & suited for the meat casing industry. Fibrous casings are primarily used for large sausages and slicing meats such as mortadella ham and pepperoni.

Main benefits

  • Excellent tube diameter control
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • High wet strength
  • Excellent Peel ability Properties 
  • High Mechanical Strength enabling its usage on automated  processing systems 
  • Excellent Calibre Stability 
  • Natural look finished products 

Our fibrous casings are available in a number of ready to use or soakable configurations.

  • Cut Lengths, tied and looped with safety closure
  • Shirred Lengths
  • Reels