Food Ingredients

What is food without spice to compliment and bring out the naturally wonderful flavors that give us the joy of eating?

KT Spices is a leading well known  Brand of a wide spectrum of spices, blended spices and allied products . We specialize in delivering tailor-made spices mixes as per the requirements of our customers.

We offer wide range of seasonings blends for all range of meat products, from fresh, raw to cooked sausages And burgers, shawerma all in powder, coarse & liquid state. we pay special attention to a proper, high quality and exceptional taste. Careful selection of raw materials and a modern production area are the basis for this.
We supply  wholesalers, food service, caterers, hotels,  restaurants,supermarkets and the general public.

- KT Culinary spices
-Coarse Spices
-Sausage seasonings 
- Burger Seasonings
-Coating compounds

*Our objective is to satisfy our clients & customers with consistent quality products that enable them to scale highs in their sphere of activity. Along with our standard range of spices, we can also procure other spices that meet the specific requirements of our global clients.

-To facilitate, client's material handling procedures & packaging requirements, we offer all our products in the following packaging options:

KT branded Standard packing 
Customized labeling/packing as per customer requirement
Packaging for repackaging - Bulk order packaging