Vacuum Bags

Custom Bag & Pouch Converter of Polypropylene & Laminated Barrier Films. Back seam bags, three side seal pouches, and stand-up bottom pouches with zippers. Materials provide protection against water vapor transmission and O2 permeability. Also provide printed roll-stock for use with form- fill- seal equipment. 
 The vacuum created means that the food tastes fresher and lasts longer than food stored in conventional containers because it is not devoid of moisture. 


  • meat product
  • frozen vegetable
  • seafood
  • Wide-used for packaging frozen food, cookies, dry products etc.

Product Specifications

  • Excellent sealing capability.
  • Multi-layer bags combined with metalized, opaque, transparent and aluminium layers
  • High barrier properties for humidity oxygen and puncturing.
  • Gravure (roto) printing in up to 8 colors
  • Food grade materials